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Hexagon-STEM Telllo feel the fun
Hexagon-STEM Telllo feel the fun
Hexagon-STEM Telllo feel the fun
Hexagon-STEM Telllo feel the fun

Summer Coding Camp

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We offer 4-week coding camps over the summer where your child can pick up some serious coding skills in Scratch, HTML & CSS, or Python.


Our small group classes are highly interactive and taught by a friendly, expert teacher. 


We  know how to keep kids engaged and learning while also having fun!

       Coding Summer Camp
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Summer Coding Camp Details
  • 4 Week Class Sessions

  • Live, Teacher-Led Classes

  • Beginner Friendly, No Experience Needed

  • Real-World Programming Languages

  • Hands-On, Interactive Classes

  • Custom-Built Coding Platform

  • Regular Parent Updates on Student Progress

  • Certification for Successful Class Completion

Our Summer Camps for Kids & Teens
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Scratch is a visual programming language. Through easy to use drag and drop blocks, one can build games, animations and stories in Scratch. It is a great way to learn about programming and is generally used to teach kids basics of programming. But it can be used by anyone to develop games of increasing complexity. Scratch allows the use of event-driven programming with active objects called "sprites".

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Drone Racing

First Person View (FPV) drone racing is a competition where pilots control drones equipped with cameras while wearing goggles that stream the live video feed from the drones so they feel like they’re flying from inside the drone. The goal is to complete a complex race course as quickly as possible and ahead of the other pilots in the heat. Competitions are held in stadiums around the world and also with our pilots flying virtually in the DRL SIM, the true-to-life drone racing simulator.

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